“We are committed to mobilizing our community on behalf of international refugees who have become our neighbors in Oklahoma City. It is our firm belief that if the refugee community is embraced by individuals who offer friendship, commitment, and true community - our new neighbors will thrive in America. We are committed to humbling ourselves in service and friendship, knowing we have much to gain and much to learn.”
— -Brad and Kim Bandy, Founders of The Spero Project

The Spero Project is a local 501(c)3 organization committed to know, love, and value our neighbors in under-resourced communities.

Oklahoma City is a new home to thousands of international refugees who have been legally resettled to the United States from war-torn countries all over the world. These families and individuals have experienced journeys affected by war, violence, persecution and displacement from a home to which they will never return. Spero has been offering tangible assistance and meaningful relationships to the refugee community of Oklahoma City for 10 years and have witnessed the amount of strength, wisdom and resilience this community offers our city. In partnership with the community’s resolve to thrive and contribute, Spero has a vision to provide the best possible care and support for each member of the community. Founded 10 years ago from an idea in their life group, Kim and Brad Bandy have been leading as Co-Founders of Spero. In ten years Spero has been offering tangible assistance which looks like ESL classes, student support programs, citizenship courses, navigating nuanced aspects of medical systems, immigration appointments, employment and housing.