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Who would you call if you needed or a ride?

When we don't know how to get from point A to point B, use use our network to find someone who does. Those who are part of Oklahoma City's refugee community often don't have these connections. But you can help.


The Common Network is a community of compassionate professionals, parents, and everyday people who point the newcomer in the right direction. It's a different type of volunteer opportunity. Through The Common Network, you leverage the life you're already living, professionally and socially, to help our new neighbors assimilate into our city.


  1. Attend an informational/training session to learn more about the refugee community and how The Common Network operates.

  2. If it seems like a good fit after the training, sign up to receive notifications from The Common Network!

  3. Receive notifications. A notification alerts you when there's a need and will include the need and the Family Specialist who will help you through the process. Know your niche. If the request isn't a fit, you don't need to respond.
    EX: "A new neighbor from Eritrea would love to play soccer with friends. Do you have a child on a soccer team with 8-year-olds this fall? Could you bring our neighbor with you to practice and games?"
    EX: "Looking for a Network member who has experience with landlord/tenant contracts. Could you look at a contract and give us advice on next steps regarding a disagreement?"

  4. Attend quarterly events. Events may include additional training or community events with families served by The Common Network. To continue receiving notifications, volunteers must attend one event a year.


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