Recent Events

Today is a day of lament. We have so few words to describe how heartbroken we are for our friends and neighbors who are affected by this week’s Executive Order. We can’t express how much we long to welcome, to hug, to share a meal with mothers and fathers from Syria who have a home for their children for the first time in years. We are mourning for our friends from Sudan whose family members have been waiting for decades for a chance at safety. We lament that yesterday they learned a sliver of hope they clung to might be closing forever. We shed big tears for the Iraqi man who risked the lives of every one of his children to support U.S. troops in Baghdad for ten years. We lament he was told there’s no place for his children because we must keep our land ‘secure’ from the very people from which he needs refuge.

We believe in the good of America. We trust that most people have been vastly misinformed about the refugee resettlement process and the “extreme vetting” that is already in place and has been for decades. We are so sorry that you’ve been told security and compassion are at odds with each other. We will be sharing some information over the next week that we hope helps dispel some myths that are bringing fear. And we hope that gives way to action.

But today is a day of lament. We owe it to our neighbors who are grieving—we are so sorry, so very sorry, and we love you so much. We owe it to mothers rocking their malnourished babies in a refugee camp with no end in sight. We owe it to them.

We lament. We lament in the Name of Jesus.

Kim Bandy