To see the Church of Oklahoma City fully engaged in relationship with each other by:

Knowing, loving, and valuing our neighbor

Love your neighbor as yourself (in all areas). We don't simply want food and clothing for ourselves. We also want relationship, purpose, discipleship and community. Loving our neighbors as ourselves means wanting this for them, too.

I Corinthians 13 is not just about marriage, but applies to all communities of faith.

Giving sacrificially of time, energy and financial resources without expectation of 'return' or 'result' because we understand that all of our resources are actually His.

We believe there are no levels of spirituality, only layers of surrender.

We believe every person is made in the Image of God and has unique purposes to fulfill as they go in all areas/spheres of life (release vs. retain).

Standing shoulder to shoulder with the oppressed

We believe that the Lord works in ways that subvert traditional thought and culture and that He often gives honor to the places and people the world dishonors. At all times, we will seek to give honor and deference to the communities which we engage and act as neighbors and friends, never providers or superiors.

In resourcing under­-resourced communities, we think critically, strategically, research­ based; then we act responsively to the Spirit.

Doing all of this only because we have found Jesus to be such a treasure that we find freedom to join Him in His redemptive work in the margins of society.

We are Christ-­driven, not cause-­driven. We care more about pursuit of Jesus than we do activism.

Religion in ANY form is a barrier to knowing the grace and truth of Jesus and we seek to lovingly dismantle the hold it has on each of us and those in our city.