Mobilizing the Church by offering entry points to partnership with under­-resourced communities.


Supporting believers as they follow Him to under­resourced areas, recognizing this journey of obedience looks very different for everyone.
Giving tools for the journey.
Connecting with relational networks that will support and equip.

The Church:

Followers of Jesus.
Collective Church.
Local churches.

Entry Points:
Entry points to thinking wisely and compassionately about partnering with
under­-resourced communities.
Entry points to engaging well with under­-resourced communities through genuine partnership.

Walking alongside.
Listening to communities and cultivating ideas and solutions with them that answer real needs.
Hosting or launching new ideas in partnership with communities and/or other organizations.

Under­-Resourced Populations:
Populations whom our larger communities have passed over and whose voices have not been heard.
Lack of networks and relational support.
Lack of emotional and spiritual support.
Those in systems that, by overall design, are oppressing rather than empowering (education, employment, transportation, etc.).
Lack of access to physical good and financial resources.

Spero=Latin for 'to hope'